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Disaster Risk Reduction - DRR

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 ASM was initiated in the year 2002 as a multi cultural organized social entity to work with the affected communities by the twenty year old civil unrest whose lives have been shattered due to the consequences of man made disasters and displacements largely due to the cluttered social fabric that isolated the people in the grass roots from the mainstream of development process and decision making. Since its inception, ASM has worked with nearly 5000 families those were vulnerable to war and the natural disasters covering 4 DS divisions of the District.

  • Building local resilience of 280 vulnerable households through strengthening their livelihoods and increasing foods with 1. 2 km of market access road renovated and handed over to community


  •  Building the capacity of 3 local communities to respond to emergency situations through awareness raising and training, emergency response planning, strengthening local and divisional disaster management committee and strengthening communities ability to advocate for improved risk mitigation


  • Reducing vulnerability to communicable diseases though improved availability and access to secure portable water supply for 423 vulnerable households, awareness raising on communicable diseases and advocating for community based health services


  • Reducing vulnerability of 267 households to natural disasters through improving access and drainage to flood prone areas and reforestation/tree planting in 2 villages. 
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