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Facilitating Reconciliation and Restoration

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The protracted civil unrest has resulted in a trend of overwhelming suffering of the communities. Countless victimization, fall down of household economy, deprivation of livelihoods and isolation has proved its effects on the people. We at ASM strive to support these communities through our planned Programs below.

2.1 Restoring Rural Livelihoods and entrepreneurships.

As a main part of the integrated community development programs, we stand for the needs of the affected people to regain economic stability through restoring their rural livelihoods. We shift the paradigm from helping people to working with the people. Reinforcing the strength of local producers, improving the prospects of small businesses and entrepreneurship by developing sustainable market oriented production chains and micro funding. Developing a framework that will make easy access to market and financing by the communities on their own.

2.2 People’s Platform for Peace and Justice.

We at ASM will advocate with full effort to create a Peoples Platform that will raise the voices, aspirations and call for a Peaceful Country. . We embark on this venture with the support of the numerous civil society initiatives at the local and National level. Campaigning on Democracy and justice, good governance and civil protection will be the key Benchmarks, where people voices are strengthened for lasting peace and social harmony. ASM will use media, Theatre work, Visual arts as tools to achieve these benchmarks.

2.3 Emergency care

Access to Food and Health care, Water and sanitation, safer dwelling, free from violence will be the prime components of our emergency care Program. While trying to channel potential donor support to the affected and displaced communities, we advocate for their well-being through indiscriminate Humanitarian aid and protection.

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