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Supporting Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups.

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The Hidden Faces in decision making.

We create opportunities for the ever excluded, marginalized women groups in the isolated areas of the district, striving to come up in life, struck amidst extreme fundamentalism and men dominated decision making. House hold poverty and Cultural barriers are seen as the stumbling blocks of these faces to get rid of discrimination and violence. More over the region has witnessed the increase of war widows over the past decades. We at ASM are committed to generate the momentum among the community to work for the victory of many hidden faces. Supporting them with comprehensive social integration packages that will include Trainings, community awareness, Micro funding for income generation and exposure will be the key benchmarks of this sector. Through these corporate actions we solicit that the women could make very crucial decisions to the issues that affect their own lives.

Caring for Children.

We focus our work mainly on Children who are the victims of poverty and violence. We advocate that children should be cared and protected regardless of race, caste and religion. We strive to see that the young ones are not part and victims of the cluttered social fabric dominated by power politics and militarization. Own work focuses on supporting Children access for literacy and an atmosphere where their rights are respected and protected. We are embarking on a project, District Model Children’s Movement (DMCM) that could support children to raise their voices for equality and freedom. Effective Psycho social inclusion programs are in the process of Development.

Youth Development - Our Pillars.

As a vibrant youth based organization, we have formulated a development plan that could support hundreds of Young people of the district for social Reintegration. Unemployment and lack of Skills has isolated many of the youth from the development mainstream. Fear and harassment has been the main part of their life for decades. Channelling better job markets and supporting for skill training will be the task of our 5 year Multi annual plan.

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