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Who We Are


Our mission is guided by the principles of mobilizing and empowering people in the grass roots, supporting them to make pragmatic decisions that affect their own lives and empower them to fight against poverty and social instability.

Our motto is “changing lives” - a sustainable people’s order that gratifies the sharing and gaining of equal resources of all individuals and communities. This is pursued by:

Working with the communities to enhance their living standard Creating channels for social integration.

Advocating for best practices in the field of community development that all individuals are engaged in the process of decision making and implementation, thereby facilitating towards good governance and transparency.

Opening creative forums to share alternative ideas and concerns and promoting a peaceful culture among the communities that respects cultural diversity and co-existence. ASM has a well defined, work oriented team of staff based in Kinniya and Muthur DS Divisions. The team includes 10 project staff and 30 volunteers. ASM has 2 emergency and rescue units with 40 members.

ASM has a network of 14 Youth clubs with nearly 500 members and 13 women societies .ASM board consist of 7 members who are professionals in many fields.

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